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Outreach Ministries

Missions Outreach Statement

Always striving to be faithful witnesses of Christ Our Lord, we the people of Christ Church Cathedral are called to love and serve God through our prayer resources and hands-on-ministry.

We are committed to working collectively, cooperatively, and individually in the service of others. As we engage in this ministry, we will exercise respectful and responsible stewardship of the gifts of people God has entrusted to us.

Covenant Ministry Grants

Christ Church Cathedral seeks to take the grace and Good News of Jesus Christ into the world by supporting nonprofit organizations and ministries where our members are active participants in the reconciling work of the Gospel. We use the gifts and resources that have been given to us by members of the congregation past and present to provide grants to nonprofit organizations where members of the Cathedral are active participants in ministry and outreach.

Grants are given to support the on-going ministry of Christ Church Cathedral. Organizations seeking funding must have direct involvement from members of the congregation and be willing to engage the parish in their work. Priority is given to Cooperating Ministries and Diocesan Institutions, and food pantries and clinics, but additional funds are available for local, national, or global organizations.

The deadline for Covenant Ministry Grants was November 14th and awards will be made in January.

2016 Covenant Grants

Our grants seek to serve a wide audience of local, national and global organizations. Our grants specifically center on the following areas:

  • Ministering where we have a Connection
  • Measurable goals and objectives for the coming year
  • Greater focus on Diocesan partners and local organizations

Apply for a grant

Please review our guidelines here. Organizations applying for grants $10,000 and above must also meet the liaison requirements. We ask that the applications be delivered electronically in PDF format and one copy mailed.  Instructions are included at the bottom of the application.  

Click here for the application.

For further information or questions please contact Meghan McConnell at 317-636-4577 or megahnm@cccindy.org.

The deadline for Covenant Ministry Grants is November 14th  and awards will be made in January.

The listing provided below outlines the various ministries with which we are currently engaged:




​Members of Christ Church Cathedral build outdoor furniture out of pallets for Craine House in 2014.


​Parishioners wrap presents for our Adopt-A-Family program.


Parishioner Norman White slices fruit for an early morning breakfast while on Mission to Ecuador in 2013.


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