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Sacred Music at Christ Church Cathedral

“And do ye, each and all, form yourselves into a chorus, that being harmonious in concord and taking the key note of God ye may in unison sing with one voice through Jesus Christ unto the Father, that He may both hear you and acknowledge you by your good deeds to be members of His Son.”  --St. Ignatius of Antioch, To the Ephesians, 4:1


Join the Christ Church Cathedral Choirs! from CCCIndy on Vimeo.

Since our founding, the people of Christ Church Cathedral have encountered the Holiness, transcendence, and glory of God through the gift of sacred music. Music is an integral part of the spiritual life and rhythm of our congregation, guiding and welcoming the people of God in the central actions of our liturgy and prayers to the Baptismal Font and Altar.

Long noted for fine organ and choral music in the Anglican tradition, our music ministry contributes richly to the spiritual and cultural life of our Cathedral community as we seek to be a House of Prayer for All People, a Cathedral for our Diocese, and a Church for our City.

For more information on our Music Ministry, please contact Michael Boney, our Director of Music, at michaelb@cccindy.org.



The Choirs of Christ Church Cathedral have recorded many CDs.
Please contact the office at (317) 636-4577 for details or to place your order!


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