Meet Our Vestry Nominees

Brad Pic   Brad Ayers

Childhood and Family
I was born and raised on a small farm outside Bloomington, Indiana, but I also lived in Paris, France and San Diego, California before moving to Indianapolis.  I am married to Mark Calvert, who also attends the Cathedral, and I do not have any children.  My father passed away sixteen years ago, but I still care for his parents who are both in nursing facilities.  My mother lives in Bloomington, along with my half-sister, two nephews and a niece.

Academically, my field of study was chemistry, and I graduated from Indiana University in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree.  I later continued my education to earn a Master of Business Administration from Butler University and a Professional Certificate in Project Management from IUPUI.

Professional Experience
In spite of my undergraduate education, almost all of my professional experience has been in Computer Science & Information Technology.  My career started in Southern California 25+ years ago, and I have been working for Eli Lilly for the last fifteen years, primarily supporting the people and processes that encompass technology, such as business analysis and project management.   I spend my days identifying business problems, proposing technical solutions, forming teams, setting goals, solidifying plans and executing them, resolving conflict, delivering results, and continuously improving.  I have a passion for education and learning, and beyond my duties at work, I participate in two charitable activities aimed at motivating youth to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math.  The first is an initiative sponsored by the Indiana Science Initiative that allows me to support teachers in the Indianapolis Public School system by spending classroom time helping kids learn through hands-on experimentation.  The second is a mentoring program for high school students that want to explore careers in Computer Science, providing them the ability to come to Lilly and shadow a professional to see first-hand what everyday life is like for technologists.

Christ Church Cathedral
I grew up in a fundamentalist, evangelical church whose ideas were starkly different from my own, and I decided as a teenager that organized religion was not the place for me.  Several events transpired in my life to make me rethink that decision, and I started coming to Christ Church Cathedral roughly two years ago.  I initially fell in love with the congregation because of its incredible hospitality and decided to make it my home because I had space to figure out who God is for myself in an atmosphere where I felt comfortable challenging and asking questions.  Wanting to grow in my faith and learn more about the Episcopal Church is what prompted me to sign up for the Education for Ministry program, and I am now in my second year.  I also appreciate the liturgy, music and reverent style of worship and have done my best to explore various ministries within the Cathedral, including usher, lector, chalice bearer, acolyte, and verger.  Evangelism, especially mission work, is an interest of mine, and I have visited our companions in the Diocese of Southeastern Mexico on the last two mission trips and gotten to know Bishop Benito, his family and members of La Transfiguration well.  That experience prompted me to join the Global Missions Committee for our Diocese in Indianapolis, and I will be going to Haiti in January to start planning a larger mission sometime in the coming year.  I have supported April Culbertson in her coordination of the Strawberry Festival for the past two years by managing the volunteer tent, and I also supported Jen Hund, Betty Whaley and Veronica Godinez as they launched the Bilingual Conversations class.  I served as acolyte and chalice bearer for the first several Versper Light services to ensure a successful launch and also assisted with the first clinic to help our immigrant community with legal issues.

I hope it is clear that I am engaged and committed to the church’s values of inclusion, compassion, and widening the circle of God’s embrace with heart and voice.  I look forward to advancing that mission with my brothers and sisters in Christ as I continue my spiritual journey.

IMG_0209   Eusebio “Chevo” Chávez

My name is Eusebio Chavez, I was born in San Miguel de Allende, of the State of Guanajuato, in Mexico. I am 48 yrs. Old, and migrated to the United States when I was 21 years old. I am married to Beatriz Alvarado, and we have been married for 18 years. We have 4 children: Melissa who is 17 years old, Leonardo who is 14, and Maya and Ian who are 8 years old. I have been a member of Christ Church Cathedral for almost 3 years. I am an active member of Coro Latinoamericano, where I have been singing for the last two years. During those years I have explored the different ministries of the church, and I have learned from the different ministries our church offers. Whenever possible, I am there to participate, and I try to help in the different activities that the Church organizes. I love our church, and I consider everyone here as my family.

Mi nombre es Eusebio Chavez nací en San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México, tengo 48 años de edad emigré a Estados Unidos a la edad de 21 años, estoy  casado con Beatriz Alvarado hace 18 años y tenemos 4 hijos: Melissa 17 años, Leonardo 14 e Ian y Maya 8 años. He sido miembro de la catedral  hace casi tres años participo activamente en el Coro Latinoamericano de la catedral por aproximadamente 2 años. También durante estos años he explorado y aprendido un poco de los diferentes ministerios en la Iglesia y cuando he podido participo, y trato de ayudar en las diferentes actividades que se organizan en la Iglesia. Me encanta nuestra Iglesia y considero a todos como mi Familia.

Tim Culbertson   Tim Culbertson

As a college student, I attended my first Episcopal services with my then-girlfriend. I was drawn to the liturgy, the beauty and tradition in the book of Common Prayer, and the thoughtful theology.  Sixteen years ago, I moved back to Indianapolis and chose to join CCC because of the music and the central location. I have remained here because of the diversity of the congregation, and the personal bonds I have formed with people who are different than me.

I find fulfillment in roles that allow me to be a servant. I can most often be found in the kitchen, helping Carl & the St. Martha’s Guild or preparing the homeless breakfast once a month. I would spend all of Bake Week at church if it were possible, and I always look forward to the Strawberry Festival. I have been an occasional acolyte and a regular lector. For a few years, I taught Sunday school for the children and later the youth. My most fulfilling ministry has been pastoral care as a Stephen Minister, and I am excited to resume that role in 2018. I have served once before on the vestry and as Junior Warden.

I want to get better personally, and as a congregation, at welcoming strangers into our church home, whether it be for the length of a worship service or for a lifetime of membership. I often fall short as a communicator, and that is not likely to change much now that I am well into my forties. I wish I was good enough to sing in the choir, but anyone who has sat in front of me in church knows that I am not.

My talents tend towards having good ideas and initiating projects. I do best when working with someone who is good at following a plan through to completion. I am a good listener. I want to help when I see a need. Finances and numbers are familiar to me, and I feel comfortable dealing with them. When faced with challenging problems, I often think of creative solutions.

I believe the vestry should provide a foundation for the parishioners to successfully engage in the ministries to which they are called. We should expect our vestry to seek out the natural leaders of those ministries, encourage them, and support them with the coordination, communication and resources that they will need to thrive. The way our parish is set up, it seems to me that the vestry ought to work to marry the treasure of the church–for which they are largely responsible for managing–to the time and talents that the members offer to the ministries of the church. Where there is need, the vestry should also consider whether it is prudent to exchange some of the church’s funds to provide for support in time or talent that are lacking in an otherwise successful ministry.

My education was in music (I am still an amateur tuba player) and physics. I currently work as an actuary for an insurance company, and I spent ten years selling books before that. I hope someday to own enough land to grow most of my family’s food. All four of my children were baptized at CCC and three of them are in the choir. I am happily married to my wife, April, who was the woman who first took me to an Episcopal church.


   Elaine Klemesrud

Baptized into and raised a Lutheran (ELCA), I attended Christ Church’s catechumen program and was received on May 29, 2014 into the Episcopal Church and Cathedral.  An active member of First Lutheran Church, which was closed by the Lutheran synod several years prior, I had taken time to reflect on my spirituality, and when ready to rejoin a religious community visited many churches – Lutheran, Methodist, Disciples of Christ, and finally Christ Church Cathedral, where First Lutheran had, from time to time shared services.  It was a sermon given by Dean Carlson one Sunday that pushed me forward.  “Lean in,” the words still ring in my ears from his skiing story – a metaphor that I continue to refer to in times that I am uncertain.  I learned that if you lean back, which is a natural reaction, you will lose control and fall.  Leaning in, over your skies, will balance you and drive you forward.  I leaned in.

I was first drawn to Christ Church Cathedral because of the worship service – the reverence, beautiful music, worship structure, and excellent sermons – the high church with which I was familiar.  I became an Episcopalian and member of the Cathedral when I learned that searching and questioning were encouraged, inclusion was accepted, and the importance of diversity understood.  I am drawn to downtown ministry and the opportunity it fosters for welcoming ALL people into a loving Christian community.  Treating everyone with dignity and recognizing the stranger among us, as well as within us, my strength lies in facilitation.  Making connections, seeing possibilities, and asking the questions to help move things forward.

My professional history is varied.  I was in the for-profit sector 20+ years in the music industry, and understand the bottom-line of business.  A trained massage therapist, I know the importance of the body, mind and spirit, and the disease caused by imbalance.  My most recent 20 years of employment were spent at the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites where I utilized the for-profit and therapeutic skills learned, and my college degree in music and drama.  I began as Assistant Editor; then became a Program Developer; then the Program Facilitation Coordinator, hiring and managing full- and part-time staff, and facilitating the communication and implementation of educational and public programming; and most recently the Visitor Advocate and Evaluation Specialist.  In this position, I looked at everything from the current and potential visitors’ perspectives, conducting focus groups, interviews and surveys, and assisting the institution in writing two five-year strategic plans, setting goals and objectives, creating measurables, and implementing evaluations at the museum and the sites.  A department of one, until July of 2017, my professional life was all consuming.

Spiritually, I am on a journey which includes prayer, contemplation, and community.  Still leaning in, I am currently completing my fourth year of EfM (Education for Ministry).  I attend the 11 a.m. service regularly, ushering at least once a month, and have assisted in other capacities where needed.  I am honored to be a Vestry nominee, and if selected would be proud to serve.

Jude Magers   Jude Magers

Hello – Hola, my name is Jude Magers and I am an active member of our Christ Church Cathedral community.  My formative life history is rooted in the tradition of the Roman Catholic faith.  My experience in the CCC community began August 2015 as I searched for a deeper meaningful experience of prayer, liturgy, community and social justice focused ministries.  I found this “solid fit” among and with you.  I highly value the diversity of our faith community, the opportunities to be present in a variety of ways and in support of social justice outreach; co-chair the CCC Ministry Outreach Team and active member of Faith in Indiana with special interest in immigration and health care advocacy.  My professional background of 47 years includes hospital administration in ethics, charity care and community benefit, spiritual care, strategic planning, organizational development and years engaged in professional nursing; both clinical and administration in the fields of hospice, cancer care, mental health, home care and chemical dependency.  I am humbled to be considered for the CCC Vestry and, if chosen, I hope to help lead with the CCC mission and vision of our faith community to realize greater integration and expression of its diversity, increased participation in social justice outreach partnerships and opportunities, expansion of membership in the CCC community and to help continue strengthening the rich tradition and role of CCC within the Diocese of Indianapolis and its relationships beyond.  Thank you.

Betty Whaley   Betty Whaley

I live on the south side of Indianapolis and regularly attend the 1 p.m. service with my husband Steve.

I was baptized at Christ Church Cathedral in 1963 and confirmed in 1989.  I have been attending Christ Church regularly since 2000.

I love the Cathedral and the many opportunities it offers to be an active member of such a vibrant and welcoming church. I currently serve on the Outreach Ministry Team, the Grants Committee, the Adopt-a-Family Committee and as Clerk of the Vestry. I am a lector at the 1 p.m. service.  I recently completed the Stephen Ministry Leaders Training and am helping to restart the program at Christ Church. I am active with Faith in Indiana (IndyCAN). In 2016, I participated in an Faith in Indiana/IndyCAN outreach effort to contact constituents by phone to help pass legislation for mass transit in our city. In 2016, I helped bring ESL and Spanish classes to the Cathedral along with the Bilingual Conversations ministry. I also serve on the Diocesan Global Missions Commission.  For the past 10 years, I have been a missioner in Ecuador and Mexico.  With the experience I gained in the Ecuador mission trips, I began working with Dean Carlsen and Bishop Benito to establish a companion relationship with the Diocese of Southeast Mexico and coordinated all four of the visits and mission trips to Mexico, including recruiting members, making travel arrangements, being a liaison between clergy, budget planning, and facilitating pre-trip planning meetings. I have attended all mission trips to Mexico thus far. I am an active volunteer with the Cathedral and regularly help out during the Strawberry Festival, serve in the kitchen, and sign up for other volunteer opportunities as they present themselves.

Following our first mission trip to Ecuador in 2006, My husband and I began attending the 1 p.m. service where we were welcomed into the Spanish-speaking community with open arms.  It is there I found my calling at Christ Church. I discovered I could be present, listen and use my proficiency in Spanish to serve as a liaison to and advocate for our Latino congregation.  I’ve also learned that both the Spanish and English- speaking congregations have much to share with one another. If elected to the Vestry, I would work diligently to bring both congregations together to share our rich cultures, our traditions and love for God and our Cathedral. My dream is that we will discover we are not so different after all.