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Questions that Define Us

How do we find faith? Can I really reconcile myself to a kind and compassionate God when my life has held pain? What does baptism really mean? Do I fit into this church??

You’re not the first to ask.

There are questions that have defined what it means to be a person of faith since before the Scriptures were written. In fact, what we see in the scriptures is often not a set of code handed down from God Almighty (though occasionally that does happen…) the vast majority of Scripture is the people of God wrestling with what they know about God, and then living through the questions.

This is our task in Catechumenate. What does it mean to live in light of our Faith? What are its limits, where are the boundaries, where does my story intersect with God’s story?

These are questions we’ll answer together as we search the Scriptures, test the traditions, and reach into what our God-given reason has shown us.

If you expect the catechumenate to give you simple information that just need be memorized and regurgitated—prepare to be disappointed. Entering into the journey of faith is not a matter of having the “right” answers, it’s about having answers that make meaning for you, and wrestling with the doubts that still carry on.

As this process begins this coming Sunday, come knowing that you are not alone. That you are standing with the faithful throughout the ages who brought their own questions and lived their own answers.

The Catechumenate is not preparation for “Graduating into Church.” It’s the start of a journey and a well-travelled one at that.