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Our New 2018 Vestry Members

On January 28th at our Annual Meeting we elected three members of our Vestry:  (L to R) Eusebio “Chevo” Chavez, Betty Whaley and Brad Ayers.  Find their biographical information here.

Being a member of the Vestry of the church is an important leadership role at Christ Church. Members not only make decisions and see to the business of the church, but they are also spiritual leaders. They are fully engaged in the life of the church through regular worship, prayer, formation, giving and serving.
The Vestry consists of the Rector and 9 elected members. Each year we elect three members from the parish to a three year term. The Rector is also a member and presides at Vestry meetings. The Senior and Junior Wardens are the senior lay members of the Vestry. They are chosen from among the elected Vestry members. The Senior Warden is a primary adviser to the Rector and in the absence of a Rector, leads the Vestry and congregation. The Junior Warden is elected by the Vestry and recently has worked with the Canon Vicar to oversee the functioning of our lay ministries. Two other officers are also elected by the Vestry, Treasurer and Clerk–these positions may be elected from the Vestry or from the Parish at large.
The basic responsibilities of the Vestry are:
  • defining and articulating the mission of the congregation
  • supporting the this mission by word and deed
  • select a rector after a vacancy
  • attending Sunday worship regularly and monthly Vestry meetings
  • overseeing the health of finances and buildings
  • encouraging the congregation to support the ministry of Christ Church financially and spiritually
  • participating in church functions and outreach activities
  • contributing to strategic goals of the congregation
  • being knowledgeable on matters of the church and willing to serve as a resource to members

Vestry members do not represent constituencies, but we do need a Vestry that reflects the diverse perspectives of our congregation and with different and complementary gifts and skills. The nomination committee received names of potential nominees to run for Vestry. We would like to thank this year’s nominees and the search committee for assisting the Cathedral elect its lay leadership.