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2023 Nominations

The Nominating Committee of Christ Church Cathedral has begun its work! Committee members, appointed by our Dean and Vestry in August, are Johnnie Alex, Paul Valliere, Bill White, Tim Culbertson, Pat McConnell, and Bethy Puerto. Their charge is to discern and select a slate of qualified candidates to stand for election to our Vestry (governing board) and as our delegates to the 2023 Annual Convention of the Diocese of Indianapolis. As part of this work, they welcome your suggestions and thoughts about potential nominees for these ministries. Please send your suggestions by October 16, 2022.

To serve on the Cathedral Vestry, our By-Laws indicate that a potential nominee must be a member in good standing (meaning that they attend worship regularly) of at least sixteen years of age or older, and a qualified elector (meaning that their household has made a financial contribution of record to the Cathedral within the last calendar year); at least two-thirds of the members of the Vestry must also be confirmed communicants. To serve as a lay delegate to the Annual Convention, our By-Laws require that a potential nominee must be a pledging member of Christ Church Cathedral, sixteen years of age or older.

To make a nomination of someone else or to nominate yourself, please visit