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A Mission in Cakes

“I would say that the most important part of a mission is to love thy neighbor, which can take many forms,” says parishioner Brad Ayers.

And what form of love will the Mission Team leaving for remote Southeastern Mexico be bringing with them in October? Cake and marmalade!

Eleven members of Christ Church Cathedral will travel to Southeast Mexico on October 1, 2016 for a seven day pilgrimage of fellowship and service. Along with visiting Anglican communities in the Diocese of Southeast Mexico, our mission team will spend several days with our companion parish of La Transfiguración located in the village of Nuevo Progreso.

La Transfiguración generates income for church expenses with an on-site bakery where bread, pizza and traditional food is prepared and sold to the community of Nuevo Progreso.

During Bishop Benito’s visit to Indianapolis earlier this spring, his wife Angelica expressed two specific ways that Christ Church Cathedral could help improve the economic health and wellbeing of Nuevo Progreso:

image2The first request was to teach the women of the community how to bake and decorate American-style cakes to celebrate special occasions, such as quinceañeras, and supplement the range of items that are currently being offered in local bakeries. The second request was to teach methods for preserving food in order to prevent waste.

One full day of the mission will be devoted to fulfilling both requests. Half of one day will be spent baking chocolate and white cakes as group activity, as well as learning how to prepare and spread icings, shape flowers, create borders, etc.  Since there is a grove of orange trees near the church, the second half of the day will be spent demonstrating how to make orange marmalade.

Brad Ayers accepted the challenge. “When Angelica looked me in the face and told me she wanted me to teach women how to bake cakes and preserve food, I immediately said “YES”!  How could anyone ever say no to such a genuinely sweet and caring person?

“My second thought was: Why did I just agree to that? I have never baked a cake in my life, and I don’t know the first thing about canning.  I have work to do!”marmalade


Supplies and reference materials will be donated so that students can continue to learn and hone their skills after the mission is over. You can help this effort by bringing new measuring cups and spoons on Sunday September 11th and 18th to contribute to this very important cause.  Our Mission Team will bring your donations to Nuevo Progreso in October.

“Does it feel strange to go on a mission trip with the hopes of making cakes and teaching how to make marmalade?  Nope.  It feels amazing to help empower women economically and give them tools to better provide for their families.”