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Servant Leadership, a Mode of Being in the Beloved Community: An anti-racism training with community organizer Sandy Ovalle

The workshop

The beloved community is a vision for peace and justice for the here and now. It reflects an exhaustive form of love and acceptance that honors and defends the image of God in every person and seeks the shalom, or peace and well-being of every place. Further, the beloved community seeks to overcome every evil that attempts to interrupt, oppress, or terminate the image of God in others or the shalom of God among us.

This level of love and justice begins within us and our interpersonal relationships. The servant leader is one who is conscious of the way their presence impacts systems and people around them. To better create the beloved community we must understand the way systems interact with us and foster or prevent our flourishing.

This workshop will explore the beloved community as an emotional system. We will learn how to be more conscious of our person, presence, and power in a community so that we can better honor the image of God in others and create inclusive communities that help shape the beloved community.

About Sandy

Sandy Ovalle has lived and worked in multi-ethnic communities for over 12 years. She is a native of Mexico City. The experience of migration awakened her to power dynamics in this country. She has an MA in Theology from Fuller Seminary and a BA in Social Sciences from the University of North Texas. She has been a community organizer around immigrant’s rights and currently serves as the Immigration Campaign Coordinator for Sojourners.

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