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Calling Stocking Elves!


Volunteers (stocking Elves) and individual-size treat supplies needed December 1-24. Volunteers please sign up on calendar in Fellowship Hall and instructions will be emailed to you.

  •  Volunteer. One volunteer is needed each day of Advent (Dec 1-24) to fill 6 stockings and hang 6 pre-filled stockings outside. The supplies for the stockings will be in the Fellowship Hall. A calendar for sign-up will be available in the Fellowship Hall to be a Stocking Elf.


  •  Donate stocking items. Beginning Nov 24 and continuing through Advent (December 1-24) We are asking your help to collect small treat items that can be placed daily in the six stockings that will hang on the outside basement railing. There will be a black basket at the back of the Sanctuary each Sunday to receive your donations.

We suggest you check the dollar stores, big box stores and grocery stores for sales on items such as: Protein packets like tuna fish or chicken salad with crackers, Peanut butter crackers Trail mix Smallest water bottles Fruit cups or fruit sauce with pop-top lids Protein bars Individual snack packs such as chips, cookies Bag of mandarin oranges Packets of kleenex Thank you for sharing your time and resources during the upcoming holiday season of joy.