The Reverend Canon Hipólito Fernández Reina
The Reverend Canon Hipólito Fernández Reina
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Discovering the purpose

Greetings and blessing to all! I am The Rev. Hipólito Fernández Reina, born and raised in the beautiful Dominican Republic. I’m honored to be the Cathedral Canon here at Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis.

I strive to be a progressive & Christ-centered “fan” of The Episcopal Church. My values are honesty, sincerity and respect. I’m always willing to learn from everyone, offering my abilities as tools to shape our faith and identity as believers and Episcopalians.

My priorities in life are God, my family (I have 3 beautiful children and an amazing wife!) and the ministry, in that exact order.

My journey with the “Episcopal branch of Jesus’ movement” began in 1984 at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, the humble community where I encountered Jesus.

I always thank God for where I was born and where I come from; a small community of faith that worked for years to have its own building. A church without privileges that had to break through to build its identity in a society permeated by inequality.

I‘m a graduate from the Center of Theological Studies, the Episcopal Seminary in the Dominican Republic (2004), being ordained to the priesthood in February 12th, 2006.

After 9 years of intensive ministry in my country of birth, my family and I accepted a call from St. Monica’s Episcopal Church in Naples, FL to become their Associate Rector, establishing the 1st. Latino Congregation in Naples Deanery. In November 2017, I accepted a call to be the Priest in Charge at St. Giles’ Episcopal Church in Pinellas Park, FL. At that time, I was the only Episcopal priest in SWFL leading two communities (Anglo and Latino) simultaneously. I also had the experience of leading the Diocesan Hispanic – Latino Committee for almost 3 years. Last February, I received a call to be part of the staff at Christ Church Cathedral… A big move in every way: distance, challenges, and opportunities.

I have found in CCC a committed community, a spiritual family striving to continue walking the way of love in a society that challenges us to expand the loving embrace of God in everything we do. In this particular time of my life, I feel encouraged to work in building bridges of love and justice among the diverse cultural contexts present in America.

I would love to meet you! I invite you, on behalf of the Hispanic Ministry, to come and share your life journey. Come and join us in discovering the purpose of our lives through Jesus Christ. All are welcome!


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