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Annual Meeting 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2022 Annual Meeting and cast their votes for our parish leaders. 

All members are invited to attend the Annual Parish Meeting, where – among other items of business – we will elect new Vestry members and delegates to the Diocesan Convention that will take place in November 2022.

We are particularly looking forward to this annual meeting because, after a year of listening and processing, our Discernment Team will present focus areas for our upcoming ministry as determined by all of the input they received from our members and our neighbors.

All eligible electors will receive their absentee ballot in the mail so that they may vote in the parish election if they are unable to attend the Annual Meeting. Due to pandemic staffing shortages plaguing businesses nationally and locally, our 2022 election ballots are behind schedule at the printer. Parish bylaws state that mailed ballots must be received seven days before the Annual Meeting. Given the unusual circumstances, the Vestry has approved an exception to the by-laws that allows ballots to count if received by Monday, Jan. 31.

Please keep an eye out for your ballots and, if you plan to vote absentee, return your ballot as soon as possible. Here are two quick ways to do so: 

  • Fill out your ballot, seal it in the pre-paid envelope enclosed in the ballot mailing and send it back to us in the mail.
  • Fill out your ballot, seal it in the enclosed envelope, and bring it with you to place in the offering plate during worship either on Sunday, Jan. 23, or on Sunday, Jan. 30.

Votes cast by mail will be logged and checked against ballots cast during the Annual Meeting to ensure only one vote is cast per eligible elector.

Learn more about the candidates.

Candidates for Vestry: Liliana Guzman, Andrea Hunley, Conner McNeely, Perry Mihalakos, Steve Whaley

Candidates for Diocesan Convention: Jeffry Guerrero, Elaine Klemesrud, Ewan McDuffee, Brent Leubcke (alternate 1), Milicent Wright (alternate 2)