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Be Anxious for Nothing: Loss and Joy in Unexpected Change
Be Anxious for Nothing: Loss and Joy in Unexpected Change

What do the Bible, the Torah, the Qur’an, and Sacred Music say about change? How do we hold space for grief and still find opportunities for joy and growth?

Sacred texts are collections of stories about human experiences and how they interact with the divine. They reveal a God who is an experiential teacher. People are given seemingly impossible situations- changes they did not seek- and yet find ways to persevere, even thrive. These texts give us hope that with unexpected and dramatic life changes, we will find that we are not the first- nor likely the last- to navigate a “new normal.”

Singing, as they say, is to pray twice. Music can soothe the savage beast, inspire groups, move us to tears, and energize our bodies and spirits. Sacred music adds an emotional component to our stories, helps deepen our connection to them, and often moves our spirit to feel them further than simply hearing them.

A partnership between Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation, Progressive Baptist Church, and Masjid al-Mumineen as part of the Spirit & Place Festival.

While this is a free event, registration is required. We encourage anyone who has a high risk for COVID-19, including unvaccinated individuals, to join us virtually. 


ABOUT SPIRIT & PLACE. The Spirit & Place Festival (Nov. 4-14) celebrates the powerful role the arts, humanities, and religion play in community life and is housed in the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. Learn more at spiritandplace.org.

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