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Catechumenate • 2023

Catechumenate is an ancient Christian tradition of preparation and teaching and welcome for newcomers. The word comes from Greek words meaning “teach by telling” and “learn by hearing,” and ultimately from the word “echo.” We have intentionally kept the ancient name here at Christ Church Cathedral to connect us with the pilgrimage and process that fellow Christians have followed for deeper spiritual inquiry from the earliest days of the Church.

You are invited to join the Catechumenate, an introduction to the Christian Faith and The Episcopal Church. Join the clergy and people of Christ Church Cathedral in exploring the questions that shape who we are, and what we believe. For some, Catechumenate leads to a new faith commitment, such as baptism or confirmation. Others use the opportunity to learn more about Christ Church Cathedral and become a member of our community. Above all, anyone can participate.

Learn more or register at www.cccindy.org/catechumenate.