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Christian formation is an integral part of our community. CCC offers formation opportunities for adults, youth, and children to gather and explore or deepen in our knowledge of God, and our understanding of God’s mission in our personal life as well as in the life of our community. Consider being part of one of these groups.

  • Children’s formation

Children’s Formation will start on Sunday, September 8th with stories from the New Testament, our ongoing snack bag ministry and our celebration of traditions in our CCC community. We meet every Sunday at 11:30am at the Godly Play room.
Contact Anne Tordat at



  • Catechumenate

Meet with other congregants exploring the Episcopal Church and the Christian Faith. This is a space where questions are the curriculum. Catechumenate is offered in the Spring. Contact Teresa Stinson at



  • EFM (Education for Ministry)

EfM (Education for Ministry) is open to adult lay (non-clergy) individuals who want to explore ways to reflect on life’s experiences through theological reflection and to grow spiritually.  Participants meet weekly over a 9 month period (except holidays/special events!) beginning September 10, 2019 and will conclude May 25, 2020.  The community of EfM participants meet for 2.5 hours each session. Please contact Jude Magers at for more information.



  • Youth formation

Youth Formation starts on September 8th, 2019. Please contact Rev. Lauren to learn more about this exciting opportunity for our youth. Also,we are seeking young hearted, spiritually grounded adult volunteers to serve during the 2019-20 program year. Volunteers will help facilitate dialogue, service projects, and creative forms of prayer, and support students on their spiritual journeys. To find out more information contact. Rev. Lauren Grubaugh at

  • Formación de adultos en español

El grupo de formación en español se reune todos los Domingos a las 11:15am en el segundo pizo de la Iglesia. Dependiendo de la estación litúrgica, pueden hacer reflexión en conjunto, o se lee un libro designado para la formación espiritual de nuestra comunidad. Contacta al Revdo. Jean C. Beniste al email