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Good Word 11/12/2021

NOVEMBER 12, 2021

Gloom or Gospel?

Brace yourself: Jesus’ words this coming Sunday sound and feel more like gloom than gospel as he warns of imminent end-times marred by “wars…earthquakes…famines.”

But…shouldn’t the gospel bring good news? Doesn’t the word literally mean good news?

Some years ago, former Bishop of Southern Ohio John Krumm preached on the paradox. He pictured an architect and a builder preparing to erect magnificent new buildings (what we’d now see as fully “green,” LEED platinum-certified). First comes demolition, clearing the site of structures overstressed or no longer usable or even safe, and removing subsurface contamination too. “The immediate result is chaos,” Krumm noted, “twisted steel beams, broken concrete, shattered window frames, ‘not one stone left upon another.’” But the architect and builder see beyond the chaos because “in the eye of their imagination, they already envision the splendid, gleaming structures that will rise out of the ruins of the old.”

Chaos is all too evident in our world now, as throughout human history—wars, earthquakes, famines, and more.

But the gloom can lift if we hear Jesus’ intent as less to depress and more to alert us. If we hear him awakening us to do our part in addressing ills that seem forever to have plagued humanity, including now an unprecedented climate crisis largely of our own making. Will we widen the eyes of our imagination? Envision creative new structures for living that can arise out of the ruin we’ve wrought?

We have our part to play as the church. We are, after all, a crew contracted to see beyond chaos—to build gospel out of gloom.

Come and join us. Even this Sunday. Help us get on with the job.

—The Rev. Canon Tom Kryder-Reid, Canon Pastor

Honoring our Veterans and Armed Forces


If you are a veteran or currently serving in our Armed Forces, Cathedral Women would like to honor you this week with a handmade poppy pin. During worship this Sunday, please see an usher or a member of Cathedral Women at the back of the church. Thank you for your service.

Examining the Psalms


Each Sunday we include a psalm in our lessons of the day, but the psalms deserve a closer look. As one of the longest books in the Bible (it definitely has the most chapters), the psalms show us every facet of prayer – from the highest glories to the darkest depths. This miniseries, examining the psalms from three different angles, is presented by long-time CCC member Paul Valliere. Paul is an emeritus professor of religion at Butler University. All are welcome to participate in this discussion of Judaism and Christianity’s oldest prayer book.

•    Nov. 14: The Book of Blues and Praises
•    Nov. 28: The Book of the King
•    Dec. 5: Songs of Repentance and Healing

Beyond the Boundaries


This free concert will feature Organist Stephen Price performing compositions from the baroque through the postmodern eras in music. “Beyond the Boundaries” aims to showcase familiar genres and composers along with newer works and hidden gems. Listeners should prepare for an expansive musical display featuring the Taylor & Boody and newly refurbished Hellmuth Wolff organs at the Cathedral. The concert also features a duet with Dr. Mark Harris of IUPUI on the Indianapolis American Guild of Organist’s Orgelkit.


Festive Reception & Advent Wreaths

SUNDAY, NOV. 21 AT 11:30AM

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, we will install our new canons at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Between the services, we will have a festive reception with an opportunity to make advent wreaths, an annual tradition at CCC. Bags will be available to take supplies home if desired.

SAVE THE DATE: Stocking Elf Sign-up Begins

NOV. 28- DEC.24

Once again, Cathedral Women and the Outreach Team Ministry are jointly supporting the Cathedral’s efforts to help our neighbors experiencing homelessness during the season of Advent. Six filled Christmas stockings are hung daily outside the Cathedral on the black fencing above the basement entrance. Cathedral Women will have a list of supplies to bring to the Nov. 30 meeting.  Volunteers will be needed to help stuff and hang the stockings. Help us share the joy of the Advent Season with some of our less fortunate neighbors.

Thank you, Paulo!

Paulo Castro’s interim ministry as our associate director of music with us has come to an end and we are so thankful for his work among us. Please join us in wishing Paulo God’s peace and blessings in all his future endeavors.

Thanksgiving Day Worship


What are your plans for Thanksgiving Day? Christ Church Cathedral will host a simple Holy Eucharist at 10 a.m. Stop by and give thanks to our holy Creator before enjoying the rest of your day with family or friends.

Find Peace in the Holidays


At this time of year, many of us find ourselves whirling nonstop as we prepare for the coming holidays. Centering Prayer offers a time to pause in the midst of all this busy-ness and rest in God’s presence. We gather each Monday at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom for a spiritual reading followed by 20 minutes of silent meditation and concluding with the Lord’s Prayer. There is also a time of sharing with one another how we are doing. Contact Michael Landon for more information and to be added to the email list. All are welcome!


CCC 101


Are you new (or new-ish) to Christ Church Cathedral? Welcome! CCC 101 is our on-ramp to learn more about us, plug in more deeply, and help you make connections. It is our basic “membership information class,” though there is no pressure to join anything. Instead, CCC 101 is a space for storytelling, pondering questions, trying on spiritual practices and learning about CCC, the Episcopal Church, and the Christian tradition in the context of community. Join us for lunch and thought-provoking discussions!

We will gather at the church before walking to Circle Tower on the east side of Monument Circle for our meeting. Lunch will be ordered in advance.


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