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Johnnie Alex

I have been at the Cathedral for 14 years and a member of the Episcopal Church for 37 years.  I am currently Senior Warden of the Vestry and involved in Hats for Indy the knitting group that knits and crochets hats and scarves for the homeless, a member of the Board of Directors for WayCross, and a member of the Diocese Standing Committee. I am a graduate of EFM. 

I absolutely connect with the current mission of the Church.  It is all inclusive, simple concise and achievable. To me, widening the Circle of God’s embrace with heart and voice’ means that we should include all who wish to be included.  Our method of inclusion should be with compassionate hearts and voices. 

If reelected to the Vestry, I hope to continue with the current challenge to the parish of being supportive to the Search committee as we look to new leadership.  I would expect to help accomplish the goals of our mission statement by supporting current programs, implementing new programs that help to increase our size and also bring our Parish community closer together. In doing so, I would like to see the Parish alive with excitement of learning and living truly Christian lives while embracing the broader community.  At this juncture of the church I would like to help us move forward in our spiritual lives. Over the past three years , have felt that we need to pay more attention to developing our individual spiritual lives. I am hoping that new leadership will help us to grow in that direction.l My continued participation in the Vestry will be a complement to the leadership and provide the continuity that we need at this transitional time.

I have broad business experience with IBM for 25 years and Real Estate for 15 years, which should be valuable in accomplishing the business and growth of the Parish.

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