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March 20, 2019 — Search Process for a New Dean & Rector

The Search for our New Dean & Rector




Welcome to our first update from the Vestry regarding the search process for our new Dean & Rector

This process is as outlined by the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis.


Search for a new Dean & Rector



  1.       PLANNING

→ Canon to the Ordinary (Kristin White) meets with Vestry (Status: Done)

→ Celebrate Steve’s time as Dean at CCC, say goodbye (Status: Celebration already happened on Saturday, March 23rd)

→ Appoint interim (Bishop, Canon to the Ordinary, Senior and Junior wardens)  (Status: The Vestry has chose Mary Slenski as Interim Dean and Rector. Sunday, September 3rd will be Rev. Mary’s 1st Sunday at CCC)

Search Committee and Vestry Retreat (Status: Search Committed has been chosen)

→ Commission Search Committee (Status: Search Committee will be commissioned on July 28th, at 10 AM)

  • Holy Conversations take place with congregation
  • Create profile, submit to OTM (Office for Transition Ministry) Database info
  • Complete Website with search profile


  1.       SEARCHING

  • Accept applications (Diocesan office)
  • Pre-screen names (Diocesan office)
  • Vet Candidates
  • Narrow to interviews
  • More essays?
  • Zoom interviews
  • Check references
  • Fly out interviewers
  • Narrow to finalists
  • Finalists visit


  1.        CHOOSING
  • Search committee presents results
  • Vestry votes
  • Bishop approves
  • Senior warden extends call with support of Bishop
  • New Rector/Dean accepts call
  • Say good bye to interim
  • Welcome new Rector/Dean
  • Celebration of New Ministry


If you have questions about the New Dean and Rector Search Process, you may contact Johnnie Alex, Senior Warden and/or Brad Ayers, Junior Warden. All are welcome to be part of this search process. 


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