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Merrill Grayson

I have attended Christ Church Cathedral for over 24 years. We found a church home then and I was Baptized and Confirmed as an adult in the Cathedral, my late wife was received and sent off here, and my oldest grandchild was baptized as well. Our family came to the Cathedral when my oldest daughter joined the Cathedral Girls’ Choir. We have stayed as a family because of the Music, Liturgy and Traditions. We have given of our talents to the Cathedral in different ministries over the years and continue to serve each in our own ways now.

Over the past twenty-four years I have given of my talents in a number of ministries including leading a weekly Adult Formation discussion of the Sunday Lectionary, serving on the Parish Life, Communications, Music, and Nominating committees. I’ve done almost every job during Bake week and the Strawberry Festival that there is and have served as a volunteer in past Diocesan and National Church and educational conferences I have coordinated and prepared several fundraising dinners for Cathedral Youth Pilgrimages and Choir Tours. As a leader of the Cathedral I have chaired the Parish Life Committee, served on the Parish Council of Advice, and served as the Clerk of The Vestry. I currently coordinate the Lectors Guild for the 8 and 10 am services.

Professionally I have had a number of “careers” including wholesale and retail businesses, web site design and hosting, and currently am the Data Engineering manager for Rolls-Royce Defense in the United States. I am experienced in managing people, budgets and workflows.

It is my personal belief that the Vestry of the Cathedral has two main responsibilities, acting as the Board of Directors of a multi-million dollar business and being an enabler of the Cathedral Congregation to follow God’s call as it has determined. I feel that the talents and experience that I have from my professional life will serve me and the congregation in the first role of the Vestry. I equally feel that my experiences in serving the Cathedral in various ministries and roles over the years will help to discern how best to support and enable the congregation in those ministries both internal and external, to which it is called.

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