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Remember, Renew, Rise

Our Dean and six CCC leaders (Andrea Hunley, Matthew Stevenson, and Jude Magers from the Vestry and Ann Schultz, Emily Schrock, and Raquel Salvador from the congregation) will soon lead the people of Christ Church Cathedral in a discernment process to help us listen for God’s particular call to us as a parish community, as a Cathedral for our diocese, and as a church for the Mile Square neighborhood of Indianapolis. We’re calling this season Remember, Renew, Rise. We will engage in a season of learning, listening, reflection, conversations, and experiments from May to December 2021 that will refresh our souls and help us to clarify what our mission and vision is, particularly where God is inviting Christ Church Cathedral to say a profound, joyful “yes” and a thoughtful, respectful “no” in shaping our collective ministry and mission over the next three to five years. We’ll share progress reports along the way and plan to have a comprehensive plan to present at our Annual Meeting in January 2022.

At the end of this process, what do we want to have in hand?  

  • A clear vision for Christ Church Cathedral: What is our vision of tomorrow and what do we want to become?
  • A clear congregational missionWhat does our congregation do today to achieve God’s dream of tomorrow?
  • Key stakeholders: Who are our target audiences that we build our ministry for and around?
  • Three to five “pillars” that are the focus areas of our ministry: What do we say a disciplined “yes” to with passion and frequency that help us achieve the mission to which we’ve been called?  
  • Actionable, measurable goals: What are the steps we need to take to help us engage in our mission (everyday) to enable us to move toward God’s inspired vision (future)?

Want more information or have an idea to share? Connect with Junior Warden Andrea Hunley.