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Statement of pledge dollars

THANK YOU! Thank you for your continued generosity and commitment to pledge throughout the year. Because of your paid pledges, we have been able to fund our first four Covenant Grant recipients with a total of $69,562! With our next grant scheduled to go out to Mother Hubbards Cupboard in July, we are about 6% (about $6,000) behind our annual date goal.

We would love to be able to send this check on time! Staying on track with our funding enables all of our grant recipients to receive funding prior to the end of the year. Members of our CCC Covenant Grants committee, which consists of lay representatives from all services, visited Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard in November and were impressed with their focus on nutrition, gardening, and youth education; as well as their ability to serve 3,800 individuals per week in Bloomington, Indiana. The dollars you give this month will go directly towards the purchase of food for Mother Hubbard’s pantry, as well as supplies for their community education programs which benefit recipients of the pantry.

Remember, 100% of your pledge dollars are given back to the community through Covenant Grants. We are proud to be a church for our diocese by supporting agencies within the geographical boundaries of the Diocese of Indianapolis who are doing good work. If you have questions about the Covenant Grants program, please contact me.


Reyn Libed

Stewardship Committee Chair