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Stephen Ministry: Here for you

Stephen Ministry is a one-to-one Christian caring ministry. If you’re

  • isolated and lonely,
  • no longer mobile and unable get to church,
  • adjusting to a newborn or confronting an empty nest,
  • anxious about retirement,
  • fearful about your immigration status,
  • struggling through separation or divorce, unemployment, financial stress, caretaking, grief, a chronic illness, a terminal illness, or other burden,

a Stephen Minister could be a welcome companion for you.

A Stephen Minister is a fellow parishioner trained to meet with you, listen, understand, and pray with you if you wish, through whatever circumstance or challenge you’re facing. Each is pledged to maintain confidentiality. All are regularly supervised and work in collaboration with clergy. One could make all the difference for you.

To know more about connecting with a Stephen Minister or training to become one, contact Tom Kryder-Reid, Priest Associate (, or speak with any of the Cathedral clergy.