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Summer Updates from the Vestry

Greetings everyone,

July has been an exciting month with lots of activities with going and coming.

Our dear Canon Lee Curtis accepted a new position in the Diocese of Rio Grande as Canon to the Ordinary. It is a wonderful opportunity for him to use his skills and continue to grow as a priest.  Though we are sad to see him go, we should all be excited that he has been chosen to go and do even greater works than he has accomplished here.  Our willingness to let him go with our blessings is a testament to our support for his continued growth in the ministry.

Just prior to leaving, Lee, along with Reverend Lauren, accompanied our youth to the Navajo reservation in Arizona, where our youth gained exceptional insights into another culture right within our boarders. The youth have expressed great admiration for having taken the trip.

Lee, go with our blessings and our appreciation for the time that you have spent in Indiana.

Secondly, July was the time of our Joyful Noise Camp for the young. Anne Tordai did such a fantastic job growing the attendance of the group to 35 this year.  It was the largest group ever.

Anne and the volunteers gave the children memories that will last a lifetime.  Thank you again, Anne.

Yuri and Paulo have kept the Hispanic choir active throughout the summer. Paulo has also worked as our Guest Music Director for the summer. Paulo was the music director for Joyful Noise, and Yuri worked as part time Camp faculty. This was Paulo’s first time with the Camp, and he handled the children with love and professionalism. Thank you to the two of you, over and over again.

In the mist of all this activity, Brad Ayres and I were helping the Vestry identify the Search Committee who will call our next Dean. The Search Committee will be Commissioned this Sunday, July 28th at the 10 AM service. We should all thank Brad for the work that he did in guiding the Vestry to select the committee.  Brad’s methodology made the selection process smooth.  He has been requested to share his methodology with the Diocese so that other Parishes can have a smooth selection process as well.

The Search committee will hold their Committee Retreat in early August. The retreat will facilitate their moving forward with the charge that has been presented to them. Please keep the Committee in your prayers.

The Vestry has selected an interim Dean and Rector who is to begin in her new position on September 3rd. Reverend Mary Lynn Slenski is, as she describes herself, an Intentional Interim Priest, which means that she has chosen the position as her call to priesthood. We will be her fifth interim assignment.  She lives in Indianapolis and considers the Cathedral her parish.  Please welcome her when she begins her time with us.

Next week Chris Lynch, our interim Music Director will join us.  Chris is a native Hoosier and is excited to return from having worked in New Zealand for the past few years.  Chris comes to us with glowing praises from many in the music community.

The beginning of August we will celebrate Chris’ arrival and Paulo’s music support during this summer.

Just reflect all the good that transpired in July and that there is more to come in August.  Do remember that the role of the Parish is to be in continual prayer while the committee searches for our next permanent Dean.



Blessings to all,

Johnnie Alex

Senior Warden