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Transforming Generosity — Johhnie’s Letter


Johnnie Alex, Senior Warden


Dear Fellow Parishioners,

Stewardship at the Cathedral is active and growing.

Recently, there has been a Stewardship committee lead by April Culbertson that will meet year round.  Each of the five committee members (April Culbertson, Brad Ayres, Shannon Joyce, Ryan Marrs and me) have committed to a three-year term.  Our purpose is to take stewardship to a new level  to include all that we care for and are responsible for as Christian stewards.

Being a Christian steward means examining ourselves, being a witness to and for Christianity.  Many of us completed the Spiritual Gifts Assessment which was to help us identify the spiritual gifts that we have to share with our fellow Christians.   By participating in ministries that require our gifts, we are being good Christian Stewards.

Many of us sacrificed a Saturday morning to consider the Vision of the Church.  That was an act of stewardship. It was a wonderful spiritual event.

When any of us in the parish participates in the ministries of the church, we are being stewards.

Pledging financially is a compelling indication of  our belief in the mission of the church. When we pledge financially, we are saying that we  want to support the mission of the church with funds to provide our programs and outreach activities. Making a pledge and  following through  is good financial Christian stewardship.  Please be aware that it is not the amount of the pledge that represents your stewardship. It is the act of your pledging that is significant.

When the church knows the amount that it can expect to receive from its members, it has confidence that the funds will be available to provide Christian services and activities.  I hope that on this Sunday, you will join us in committing to the mission of Christ Church Cathedral by pledging some amount. I will be pledging along with you.