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Update to Our Security Policy

Christ Church Cathedral is a spiritual hub of transformation for our city and diocese. Our unique location in the center of our city gives us the opportunity to be a space of deep peace in a troubled world, and we strive to be a safe place for all. You may have noticed over the last year, we have had the support of an outside security firm during our Sunday worship. We are grateful to them and how they have become beloved members of our CCC community.

In the wake of continued violence across the nation, CCC Vestry and staff have updated our security policy to include the following changes:

  • As of Aug. 14, the St. Francis Door is locked during services.
  • Accommodations have been made to ensure those who need to access the Cathedral from the wheelchair ramp will be able to do so.
  • CCC hired security guards, in uniform and who have received specialized training, may be armed while in the Cathedral.

If you have questions about our new policy, please know that our Wardens and staff welcome your feedback.

O God, you made us in your own image and redeemed us through Jesus your Son: Look with compassion on the whole human family; take away the arrogance and hatred which infect our hearts; break down the walls that separate us; unite us in bonds of love; and work through our struggle and confusion to accomplish your purposes on earth; that, in your good time, all nations and races may serve you in harmony around your heavenly throne; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (BCP p.815)