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The Vesper Light Ensemble

The Vesper Light Ensemble

L-R: Daniel Duarte, Petar Jankovic, Yuri Rodriguez, Isaac Salazar

The Vesper Light Ensemble is a group of incredibly talented Cathedral musicians who play each Vesper Light service at 6pm. The Vesper Light service is a Eucharist service that remains faithful to our heritage and open to creating new traditions of praise. We welcome all into the beauty of a space created to experience a more intimate service in which, all your senses enter into the presence of God. In the same way, grounded in roots of classical, Gospel, Latin and Jazz music, the Vesper Light Ensemble has created a style of music that is unique and uplifting, while remaining faithful to a genuine desire to bring the congregation together in song, to create a true connection with God, with those surrounding us and with ourselves.


Christ Church Cathedral is incredibly blessed by the presence of these musicians, who have transcended entirely beyond a church gig, and truly pour out their souls through their music and performance in worship.


The Vesper Light Ensemble is very sad to see our Director of Music Michael Boney leave, but we are very happy to know that this experience will accompany and help him shape innovation wherever he goes. This ensemble will continue providing worship with our four featured musicians.


The Vesper Light Service starts at 6 o’clock every Sunday, and is followed by a free, light meal and fellowship at 6:40pm.

You are invited to challenge yourself this Lent, and come visit the Vesper Light every Sunday of Lent.



Daniel Duarte

Petar Jankovic

Yuri Rodriguez

Isaac Salazar