Jude Magers
Senior Warden

I have been a member of Christ Church Cathedral for six wonderful and challenging years of ministry and look forward to remaining active in CCC ministries for many years to come.  My involvement in the life of CCC has been grounded in my personal Christ-centered faith of love, mercy, and justice and is nourished by the welcoming, faith-filled relationships in the Cathedral community. I was a member of the Ministry Outreach Team for four years as co-chair with Steve Whaley as we responded to advocacy and the needs of immigrants, the homeless, food pantry ministries and other special needs. I have served on the Covenant Grant Committee for four years. I was invited three years ago into the CCC formation ministry of Education for Ministry (EfM) as a co-mentor with Marcia Gray and remain in that role today with Theresa Stinson.  As the EfM administrative mentor, I have been deeply enriched by learning about the wealth of resources for continual spiritual formation available to the laity. Two years ago, I joined the CCC usher team, guided by the team’s leader, Terry Kirsten. I have decided to stand for election to the CCC Vestry because of my love for the CCC faith tradition, its “lived” mission and its strength in a Christ-centered community among its members. Its “lived” mission is my anchor: inclusive of all, advocacy and service to the most vulnerable, hospitality and the courageous desire to continually expand its work to envision a stronger faithfulness to the CCC mission. I feel called to further share my gifts and talents in this work through CCC Vestry leadership. Thank you for this humble opportunity to stand for Vestry election in 2021.