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Worship with Bravery

On June 12th, Christ Church Cathedral an the Diocese of Indianapolis launch the first in a series of four podcast episodes of Worship with Bravery

WORSHIP WITH BRAVERY – EPISODE 1: Coro Latinoamericano from Christ Church Cathedral


WORSHIP WITH BRAVERY – EPISODE 2: Ahmed Anzaldua from Broder CrosSing


WORSHIP WITH BRAVERY – EPISODE 3: Guest speaker is The Rev. Eduardo Chinchilla



What is Worship with Bravery (WWB)?

Worship with Bravery is a video series, produced by  Yuri Rodriguez  and  Daniel Duarte, from Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis, and supported by a grant from the Episcopal Church’s  Becoming Beloved Community  initiative. It features musicians and music leaders from a wide variety of traditions, including the African American and Latino/Latinx diasporas, in performance and conversation.   As we listen, we learn about how talented musicians, from underrepresented minorities are leading congregations in Brave Worship not only in traditional way, but also using music from the African American and Latino/Latinex diasporas.

Special guests for Worship with Bravery are:

Episode 1 – Coro Latinoamericano at Christ Church Cathedral from Indianapolis

Episode 2 – Ahmed Anzaldua and Broder CrosSing from Minnesota

Episode 3 – The Rev. Eduardo Chinchilla from IARCA Province

Episode 4 – Dr. Michael Boney from St. John’s Cathedral in Denver, CO

Initially, we had envisioned for these sessions to take place in Diocesan Gatherings, however, after COVID-19 protocoles prevented us from getting together, we decided to re-design these conversations and create Videos where we could use the music in the context of worship, but also have a theological conversation about Bravery in Worship.

Moreover, since the populations that have been hit the hardest during this pandemic are the Latino and African American Populations, our guests’ bravery takes on a much larger scale, as they continue to be the voice of courage and keep their communities together.

WWB is a resource created with the support of a grant from the Becoming Beloved Community vision of The Episcopal Church. With this resource, we want to engage with the first and second quadrants of the Becoming Beloved Community Labyrinth:

  1. Telling the truth, and
  2. Proclaiming the Dream of Beloved Community

We hope the most significant impact that Worship with Bravery will have is:

  • the unearthing of the underlining stories, anecdotes and stereotypes regarding worship, music and race in Church Music Making
  • the uncovering of a spiritual and musical heritage that for too long has remained invisible, and has the potential of revealing our prophetic call and identity as the Beloved Community of the Diocese of Indianapolis;
  • the development of newer and/or deeper connections among clergy and lay leaders of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, across racial, cultural and generational backgrounds.

The most desired output of Worship with Bravery is:

  • that “Music with Bravery” will become a tool to help the Diocese of Indianapolis become a Beloved Community
  • that Clergy and music leaders will feel empowered to replicate this music in their own communities of faith;
  • that we will create high quality audio/video recordings of the music we will be sampling through the workshops, so that when clergy members and lay leaders are ready to implement them with their congregations, they can use them as references;
  • That we will share with the whole Diocese of Indianapolis, and with the whole Episcopal Church the stories, the learning, and the music that will come out of Worship with Bravery.



These are Worship with Bravery songs you can use in your multicultural celebrations:

  1. Love, take a walk with me (Charles Murphy)


2. I want Jesus to walk with me (African American Spiritual)



3. Nada te turbe (Taizé, in Spanish)


Nada te turbe – Partitura – Full score


4. I surrender all (Judson W. Van De Venter)



5. El Señor es mi pastor (Yuri Rodriguez)


EL SENOR ES MI PASTOR – Partitura – Chart


6. Bless the Lord my Soul (Taizé)



7. O Lord Hear my Prayer (Taizé)


8. Enemy of Apathy (Iona Community)

Enemy of Apathy Letra de la cancion – Lyrics

ENEMY OF APATHY – Partitura – Chart


9. ¡Aleluya! ¡Cristo Resucitó!




Aleluya Cristo resucito – choir La partitura


10. Pescador de hombres / Lord you have come to the seashore (Cesareo Garbarain)


PESCADOR La letra de la canción – Lyrics

Full Score – La partitura – Chart


11. Nadie te ama como yo (Martin Valverde)


NADIE TE AMA COMO YO La letra de la canción – Lyrics

NADIE TE AMA COMO YO_2 La partitura – Chart


12. El grano de mostaza (Montana) (Tradicional)


EL GRANO DE MOSTAZA Letra de la canción – Lyrics

El Grano de mostaza_Montaña Partitura – Chart


13. Nuevo Amanecer (Ana Lopez & Rev. Hipolito Fernandez)



Nuevo Amanecer La letra de la canción – Lyrics

Nuevo Amanecer_3 – Full Score (Partitura)