Everyone is welcome at the “Little Church on the Circle.” Whether you’re new to town or new to church, there is a place for you at Christ Church Cathedral. CCC is as diverse as the city of Indianapolis, so no matter who you are, where you are from, or what you hold dear, our doors are open. Click here to learn more about CCC.

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  • Parking

    On Sundays, free parking is located in the Express Park garage at 20 N. Pennsylvania St. (intersection of Pennsylvania and Market). Bring your garage ticket with you so an usher can validate it. More information here.

  • Child Care

    Children are welcome at all services, and play supplies are located at the back of the church. Free child care is also available from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Sundays. Certified individuals care for children up to four years old.

  • Dress

    At Christ Church Cathedral, the dress is as diverse as the congregation. There are blue jeans and business suits, high heels and sneakers, cargo shorts and corduroys. We encourage you to wear what is most comfortable for you.

CCC is dedicated to widening the circle of God’s embrace. From bringing public education to the city in the early 1800s to working with the growing Hispanic community today, we strive to reach out to the people and places in need. We embrace creativity and community, and welcome ideas for new initiatives.

For those who are interested in exploring mature, adult faith in an open and gracious environment, we have Catechumenate. For some, Catechumenate leads to a new faith commitment, such as baptism or confirmation. Others use the opportunity to learn more about Christ Church Cathedral and become a member of our community. But we don’t require a long-term commitment—anyone can participate. At Catechumenate, all questions are welcome. It’s where we explore faith, discover God, and grow spiritually.

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