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The Path

Throughout the Lenten season, small groups of CCC parishioners are gathering to read scripture together and reflect on the ways in which the stories of the Bible might inspire transformation in their lives and in the life of the world. They will be getting curious about  what the scriptures invite us to be, do, or change as followers of Jesus in 2019 Indianapolis.

Small group leaders are looking forward to guiding participants through this six-week journey. Dave Strong, who is co-leading Wednesday nights with Quinn Schantz, enjoys spending time with members of the CCC community. He hopes this experience of reflecting on scripture in small groups will serve to deepen parishioner relationships, while cultivating effective ways for our community to engage the challenges facing our world.


“I hope we can build a lasting community within the Cathedral,” Dave says, “where everyone can take a leadership role and be able to apply scripture from a ground-up way to address the issues around us at every level.”


Perry Mihalakos, who is co-leading Sunday’s group, is of a similar mind. “I wanted new friendships, a deeper connection to the faces I was seeing in the pews, and also to learn from others who are trying to live Christ-centered lives,” he explains.


The spiritual formation this Lenten practice will provide us with the foundation necessary to construct the change Perry hopes to see in the world. He hopes “not just grow in the sense of having a better understanding of biblical narrative, but also to grow outward in a direction of being more responsive to the fragility and heroism of everyday life around us.”


The study of scripture in community is vital to this work of community engagement and social transformation, according to Tom Blossom, Perry’s co-leader.


“I love the Bible and I love exploring the nature of God and the call of Jesus’ faith with others,” he says. “I’m always gaining new perspectives and courage for myself, trying to become a more honoring, better servant-lover of God, others, myself, and our mother earth. I hope the members of the CCC Body will deepen the foundations of Jesus’ faith in their lives through these studies.”