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The Phone Call

By Jude Magers






The phone call came late at night from Arizona and a local church pastor was asking if someone from Christ Church Cathedral Church could meet a father and son at the Indianapolis bus station the following evening.  They were in route to the East coast seeking safe harbor and had been traveling via bus for two days. The father and son had originated from a small village in Guatemala, traveled by foot to the Mexican border and crossed over at the entry point through Nogales, Arizona.  A long journey seeking asylum from death threats related to gang activity, refusal to run drugs and join the gang in their local neighborhood.  The fourteen year old son had been very vulnerable.  The father, with son, had quietly slipped away one night under darkness.  After completing the border security process for asylum, they had been left at the bus depot in Phoenix.  A local church took them in for safety and planning next steps.  Thus, the phone call that connected CCC to Phoenix and a father and son in need.  Members of our church community readily responded with food and water for the rest of their journey, some extra treats and a little money for “just in case needs”.  Most importantly, we believe, the father and son were met with warm smiles, hugs and welcoming circle of belonging.  With only 15 minutes to say hello and goodbye, the connection was made and off they continued in their journey to reach a city the next day where they hoped to find shelter and their next circle of hope.  Christ Church Cathedral was represented by Deacon Fatima, Chavo Chavez, Steve and Betty Whaley, Donna Watzke and Jude Magers.