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Transforming Generosity – Brad’s Letter

A letter from Brad Ayers


Dear Friends,

I often feel helpless and frustrated as I watch the political leaders of our state and nation turn their backs on those living at the margins of our society, widening the gap between those who have abundance and those who have nothing. In those moments of feeling powerless, it helps to remind myself that there are many things I can do at a local level to improve the lives of my direct neighbors. When our governor attempted to block Syrian refugees from settling in Indiana, for example, it prompted me to donate my time as a volunteer for Exodus Refugees, which is an organization that supports refugee settlement in the Indianapolis area. Taking meaningful action in defiance of that decision gave me a sense of personal empowerment, and it was extremely fulfilling on a spiritual level. I choose to pledge my personal funds to Christ Church Cathedral each year because I trust the Covenant Grants Committee to partner with organizations like Exodus in serving vulnerable members of our society that our government deems unimportant. With the Committee’s oversight, I can be sure that my contributions are being distributed in alignment with Christ’s teachings while supporting our Cathedral’s mission to widen the circle of God’s embrace.