Emily Shrock
Senior Warden |Email Emily

My name is Emily Shrock and after serving in various leadership roles at Christ Church Cathedral, I’m seeking your vote to extend my work through service on our Vestry. I grew up spiritually in the presbyterian church and left when it took an abrupt turn toward the growing trend of American evangelicalism. My parents and I shortly thereafter discovered the Episcopal Church as a family and were confirmed together in 2005 at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Kokomo, IN. My sister and I began attending CCC for high holy days when we attended Butler University, and I began regularly attending in 2009 when I moved downtown to start law school.

As for many, the music brought me in the doors of CCC and the liturgy kept me wanting more. Growing up in a community that spoke of the “right” and “wrong” ways of being a Christian, it was refreshing to be in a space that did not speak in absolutes but rather acceptance.

I recently had the honor of serving on the transition team when Dean Gray was named and continued my service on the steering committee working to chart a new chapter for CCC under his leadership. I have been an active member of Cathedral Women for many years and currently serve as the assistant treasurer.

Outside of CCC I serve as Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears’ Chief of Staff overseeing our programs and opportunities to reform our criminal justice system. I have served as a volunteer at Coburn Place for over 15 years and am the incoming Chair of the Board of Directors. I also serve as the President of the Indiana University McKinney School of Law Alumni Board of Directors working to recruit a diverse group of incoming law students and make the cost more feasible through scholarships. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve CCC in leadership.