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2017 Crossroads Award Winner

steve Crossroads

The crossroads award is given every year to a Christ Church Cathedral parishioner who has provided exceptional leadership, stewardship and service to the church. This year we were glad to see it received by Steve Whaley, long-time mission team member. Steve and his wife Betty are the only couple who have both received the Crossroads Award.


How did you come to Christ Church Cathedral?

I came to Christ Church Cathedral in 1995 after Betty and I got married. I transferred my membership from the Lutheran Church soon after.


How many different ministries are you a part of?

I am co-chair of the Outreach Ministry Team. I help with the Adopt-A-Family Ministry, Bilingual Conversations, St. Martha’s Guild and I am a member of the committee that will discern 2017 Covenant Grants. I also help in the kitchen and attend the Bilingual Conversations.


What drew you into your ministry of service?

After my first mission trip to Ecuador in 2006, I was asked to join the Outreach Ministry Team. I realized that where I really enjoyed volunteering was at places such as Dayspring Center, Diocesan food pantries and participating in global missions. I have participated in 6 trips to Ecuador and 3 trips to Mexico. Also I have visited Haiti and Appalachia for service projects with Christ Church Cathedral.


Any Indianapolis service projects that stick out in your mind?

My favorite Indianapolis service project was a pizza/cookie decoration/photo party the OMT coordinated at Dayspring Center last December. My job was to take photos of each family in the shelter. It was heartwarming to see how much it meant to each of the families to have a framed photo of the family together.


Any favorite stories about mission trips abroad?

My favorite part of our construction trips in Ecuador were the festivals we held for the whole neighborhood on the last day of our trip. The festivals drew 500+ parents and children who enjoyed games, face-painting, food and music. It brought out the ‘child’ in us as missioners and we left feeling transformed and much love for the Ecuadorian people.


The Mexico trips were also transformative in that we started out as visitors to a very welcoming community and we left feeling like family. It was hard to leave our new brothers and sisters in Christ.


How does your prayer life feed your service life?

My prayers always consist of hope and concern for those less fortunate than myself. I also thank God for the blessing I have received and pray that I can help make someone’s life a little easier through my service.


What’s it like being a member of the 1:00 service?

Being a member of the 1:00 service gives me an opportunity to meet new people and experience a different style of worship. I am drawn to the music and the congregation is very welcoming. Even though I don’t speak Spanish I have found there is no language barrier when giving ‘the peace’. I am reminded of the church services I attended in Ecuador and Mexico where I always feel at home.