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Monthly Parish Update

MAY 2021

As part of our growing efforts for clearer, more frequent and transparent communications, we hope you’ll enjoy this short update.

In addition to the weekly Good Word, we’ll be sending a monthly Parish Update.

Come worship with us!

We hope you’ve heard already, but we are just so excited to welcome people back to the Cathedral for in-person worship starting this Sunday! If Marion County COVID rates stay in acceptable limits, we’ll have indoor services at 8 am, 10 am, and 1 pm. If COVID rates are above acceptable limits, we’ll move those in-person services outdoors to the lawn. In addition, we’ve added a 4 pm bilingual service that will be held on the lawn for anyone who isn’t ready to regather inside. We will continue streaming the 10 am and 1 pm services online indefinitely for anyone who is unable to come to church. We’ve found the online option is invaluable for worshipers who are ill or on vacation or otherwise unable to visit in person.

Pre-registration is very important so we can communicate directly and efficiently with anyone planning to visit in case plans change. Learn more and register online at must be reserved by the Wednesday prior to any given Sunday. That means today!

Remember, Renew, Rise

Our Dean and six CCC leaders (Andrea Hunley, Matthew Stevenson, and Jude Magers from the Vestry and Ann Schultz, Emily Schrock, and Raquel Salvador from the congregation) will soon lead the people of Christ Church Cathedral in a discernment process to help us listen for God’s particular call to us as a parish community, as a Cathedral for our diocese, and as a church for the Mile Square neighborhood of Indianapolis. We’re calling this season Remember, Renew, Rise.

We will engage in a season of learning, listening, reflection, conversations, and experiments from May to December 2021 that will refresh our souls and help us to clarify what our mission and vision is, particularly where God is inviting Christ Church Cathedral to say a profound, joyful “yes” and a thoughtful, respectful “no” in shaping our collective ministry and mission over the next three to five years.

We’ll share progress reports along the way and present a comprehensive plan at our Annual Meeting in January 2022.

At the end of this process, what do we want to have in hand?  

  • clear vision for Christ Church Cathedral: What is our vision of tomorrow and what do we want to become?

  • clear congregational missionWhat does our congregation do today to achieve God’s dream of tomorrow?

  • Key stakeholdersWho are our target audiences that we build our ministry for and around?

  • Three to five “pillars” that are the focus areas of our ministry: What do we say a disciplined “yes” to with passion and frequency that help us achieve the mission to which we’ve been called?

  • Actionable, measurable goals: What are the steps we need to take to help us engage in our mission (everyday) to enable us to move toward God’s inspired vision (future)?

Want more information or have an idea to share? Connect with Junior Warden Andrea Hunley.

Vestry Meeting Minutes

March 2021 (EnglishSpanish)
Our Vestry meets the fourth Tuesday of each month via Zoom, and all our meetings are open to members of the congregation. Questions or concerns? Please contact Senior Warden Tim Culbertson.

Christ Church Cathedral 2021 Budget as of March 31, 2021
Questions or concerns about the 2021 Budget? Please contact Cathedral Treasurer Irma Petrosino

Thank you to everyone who attended our Vestry check-in session April 18. If you missed it, you can download a PDF of the slideshow now. Mark your calendars for the next bilingual quarterly check-in on July 18 at 11:30 am!

Celebrating May Birthdays

May 1:            Amelia Kipfer
May 3:            Reyn Libed
May 4:            Nolan Thompson
May 8:            James Glennon
May 8:            Christopher Goulding
May 9:            Suzie Belt
May 9:            Ken File
May 11:          Ed Akin
May 11:          Kimberly May
May 12:          Emily Beuoy
May 12:          Matthew Gunn
May 13:          Brad Ayers
May 13:          Cecily Stevenson
May 14:          Lauren Good
May 14:          Dennis Shinault
May 15:          Andy Alcauter
May 16:          Hudner Hobbs
May 16:          Julia Lacy
May 17:          Glenn Hatmaker
May 17:          Carole Mallett
May 18:          Mary Huebner
May 19:          Christopher Bartlett
May 19:          Tom Blossom
May 19:          Henry Culbertson
May 19:          Belen Wilson
May 20:          Sean Manterfield
May 21:          Marilyn Holley-Stupka
May 22:          Ewan McDuffee
May 27:          Suyapa Antunez Matute
May 28:          Lucia Garcia
May 28:          Joyce Shinault
May 29:          Graciela Alcauter
May 30:          Diana Allen
May 31:          Fabiola de la Cruz
May 31:          Stephen Smith

Did we miss your birthday? Our apologies! It may be because we don’t have one on file for you. Please update Lauren Good ( so we can celebrate with you next year.

In our prayers….

(Parish Prayer List as of April 26)

Darrin, Chuck, John, Bill, Maureen, Sue

In Memoriam…

Frank Diaz
John Lewis IV

May their souls, and the souls of all the departed, rest in peace and rise in glory.


The Very Reverend Gray Lesesne
Dean and Rector

Tim Culbertson
Senior Warden

Andrea Hunley
Junior Warden

Irma Petrosino


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