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Recruiting for Team leaders



“It is a Christian obligation to vote, and more than that, it is the church’s responsibility to help get souls to the polls.” -Presiding Bishop Michael Curry     

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all voters engagement activities will be virtual in 2020.  You, like me, believe God calls us to build a multi-racial beloved community that advances a future where families of all races in Indiana thrive.  Yet, almost daily, our families, churches, and communities are bombarded by a toxic worldview that seeks to stoke racial and economic anxiety for political gain.

How do we, as  prophetic leaders, talk about race, voting, and economic hardship in a way that brings people together?

  • Equip ourselves to engage simultaneously around race and class in ways that strengthen social solidarity, reduce division among race and class lines and call out scapegoating
  • create viable alternative narratives, rooted in our values
  • Make plans to advance this prophetic narrative in our faith communities and across Indiana


Now till Aug 12th: Recruit House Meeting Hosts

• Aug 13: State-wide Leaders Assembly: Propose Voter Program

• Aug 17- Sept 3: Virtual House Meeting Trainings to recruit volunteers for canvass program (3 weeks)

• Sept 3: Leaders Assembly: Digital Rally Launches Voter Program: Volunteer shifts confirmed  

Please email The Rev. Fatima Yakubu-Madus if you are interested or have questions